Our Reliable networking solutions, system design and integration allows for flexibility in Security, Data Backup and Network Scalability. Whether an Enterprise or Commercial Network, we are capable of effectively deploying now common place technologies and even more capable of providing advanced functionality to meet your future demands. We carry out inter-building connectivity of fibre-optic cables, and setup wireless fibre networking solutions to provide separation from the public network.

Our goals in selecting any networking solutions system is geared to help reduce operating costs and suggest consistent network service (Internet Service Provider, ISP) through increased product and service features, enhanced accessibility and speed, and greater flexibility in pricing option. Brandwone has a track record of successful technology consolidation where services are hosted centrally but have decentralized control

Our network consideration is to ensure:

– robust and reliable network standards is provided
– offers network scalability
– multiple networks (VPN, WAN, and LAN)
– secured adequate and timely network for IP management, email relay, active directory, central hosting, and data networks
– network integrity of the services offered
– highest level of technical knowledge and services

Our Networking Solutions.

We deploy mostly wireless architecture to manage both wireless access gateways and network. By adopting a sustainable future direction for wireless deployment which are cost effective and secure. Also, we deploy using the latest standard wireless authentication protocols which strengthens the future of your business.

Our Network Services
– Network Design
– Deployment and Installation  
– Monitoring
– Network Management and Support
– System Integration and Testing
– IT Support
– Technical Support for Systems