Masts and Towers

…we construct , fabricate Masts & Towers and maintenance


Masts and Towers are a specialized type of structure commonly used for Telecommunications to support equipment at substantial heights. Masts / Towers are utilized to achieve the maximum in elevation and loading at an economical cost. The addition of heavy braced sections and arm guyed wire points allow a mast or self support tower to be engineered custom to its loading specifications.


Our customers, while selecting their preferred structure solution from Optical Compass design, are able to save significantly on total site costs.  In other words, more than 20 years of engagement and expertise is at your disposal.


The face width is the measurement of each side of the triangular structure that sits upon a tapered bottom section that is anchored to the foundation base by a pivot pin. Galvanized steel guyed wire/ cables of varying sizes support the Mast.

The height and economy of the design will dictate whether the structure has three or four Leg stand Tower.


Mast and Tower can be use for several purposes:

  • To support radio antennas such as Wireless (Hotspot) point to Multiple points
  • To support Fibre Optic from Base Station to Client Stations via Air -fiber and so on.
  • To support antennas and provide mobile operators coverage for telecommunication operators
  • To support conductors in overhead power lines for electricity companies.


Optical Compass Towers

Our three or four legged angular iron are self supporting towers made of triangular angular elements designed on a triangular / square base pattern. The communication Tower is optimized for optimum performance modification and modules can easily be interchanged according to the specific site design.


Our towers can be supplied with a variety of accessories, such as platforms, antenna mounts, safety devices, obstruction lights, lightning protection kit and more. All of the accessories can be installed at any desired height and orientation according to customer specification.

Usage of 3 or 4 Legged Angular Towers:

  • GSM/CDMA Equipment
  • Radars
  • Video Surveillance Equipment
  • Wind Turbine

Available in heights of 20 to 90m, It is designed for light to medium loads, Available with a large variety of accessories that can be easily mounted at any stage, Designed for typical cellular GSM sites.