Ese-Sat Lightning/Surge Protection Devices

Our goal is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to specific concerns and challenges faced by hydrocarbon producers across Sub-Saharan Africa production belt.

Why Ese Sat:

Best Coverage Area of Arrestors

ESE SAT can cover a distance of 200meters coverage of protection which make it to be better protective conductor compared to other kinds of arrestors

Maintain the unique ESE SAT high-tech advantages, that make the product so best

Method of testing Kits

ESE SAT Testing device is cheap and can be used without the need to bring down the Arrestor or climbing the pole/Mast c


Warranty and lifespan of the ESE SAT of 15+ years


In case of accident, If Arrestor ( ESE SAT) fell out from the Pole or Mast, great tendency that it can still be good and easier to fix due to it protective covering on the body of the arrestor