Enjoy Seamless 24/7 Power Supply

Cost effective and stress-free uninterruptible solar power installations for homes and offices.

Optical compass is a leading renewable energy company in Nigeria. We specialize in solar and backup solutions for residential and commercial facilities.


Founded by a seasoned team of power system engineers and energy executives with experience in engineering, business development, energy, and power management. We aim to push the frontiers of clean and renewable energy. Our strength lies in our expertise, competence, and ingenuity of our employees.


We provide products and services in the field of power sector with a particular focus on renewable energy, being a highly innovative company, it addresses niche markets that are too small for bluechip companies or for which large enterprises are too inflexible.


Indeed, Optical compass Energy customizes its products and services as requested by our client. Our clients benefit from the detailed technical expertise of Optical compass Energy and their readiness to apply it to special needs. Based on a network of senior engineers, often with more than ten (10) years of professional experience in the power, telecom and ICT industry, Optical compass Energy is able to cover the entire range of power system Technologies including but not limited to inverter, solar energy, stabilizers, power protection system (Breakers, switch gears etc.), Batteries, Electrical ttings and appliances etc.


For staying at the leading edge of technological progress, Optical compass Energy closely collaborates with foreign partners in USA, Germany, China, India and Singapore. Optical compass Energy and Allied services Limited is a company with a limited liability under Nigeria Law.


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