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Green Energy (Alternative power )

Inverter, Solar, Wind Solution and Maintenance and repairs of inverters.

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CCTV Cameras

Surveillance System (CCTV Surveillance Camera Sales & Installation) ,Home Automation (Online Streaming via Smart-Phones & Cloud Storage)

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Structural cabling, Fiber Optic deployment, Switches and router configuration and deployment (MPLS-backbone)

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Mast Retrofitting

Contact Us for Construction of Mast, tower and high structures ,Maintenance and repairs ,Telecom tower and design

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Technological Solutions at Best Rates,Optimal Service

At  Optical Compass, we provide optimum services. Our ability stretches out to all phases of a energy management planning, implementation, financing, and monitoring. We deliberately take a look at your present utility rate alternatives, anticipated framework execution on month to month premise in light of real site conditions and consider your particular loan cost, electric rate and duty rate situations to decide your potential sparing/gaining over the lifetime of the hardware.


We are one of the industry Technology Leaders with a decade of experience, a dynamic and professional team as our core strength, Optical compassion Energy has already positioned herself as one of the major players in the Power Electronics Industry. We have adopted most modern technology and our products are way ahead of those available in the market